Arabian Spices

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A Tribal Fusion Choreography by Sahira



"Arabian Spices" DVD Release: "Arabian Spices", a tribal fusion choreography was first created by Sahira for Urban Gypsy, and has been performed all over the world to rave reviews! This beautiful 90 minute DVD includes the breakdown of eleven sassy combinations for your dancing enjoyment.

These combinations are pieced together a few at a time, culminating in a full-costume performance of the 4 1/2 minute choreography by members of Urban Gypsy.


Tracklist :

01. Introduction

02. Modified Prayer

03. SOHO Combo

04. Modified Bolero Walk

05. Urban Tribal Combo

06. Review 1-4

07. Rachel Combo

08. Get over yourself

09. Onda Combo

10. Review 1-7

11. Modified Circle Step

12. Snaky Hip Combo

13. Review 8-9

14. Propeller Turn

15. Bolero Walk

16. Review 10-11

17. Instructional Review

18. Performance

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