Bettie Page - Varietease/Teaserama (1954)

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VARIETEASE (1954, USA, Irving Klaw, sexploitation, 72m) - Legendary cheesecake model Bettie Page made one of her rare film appearances in this picture, which captured a vintage burlesque performance on celluloid. In a harem girl's outfit, Page performs "the dance of the four veils," while famed ecdysiasts Lily St. Cyr and Chris La Chris also show off their charms. In between dance numbers, comic Bobby Shields, female impersonator Vickie Lynn, and acrobatic dancer Twinnie Wallen keep the audience entertained. Varietease was directed by Irving Klaw, a noted photographer of "art studies" whose B&D oriented snapshots of Ms. Page became infamous collectors items in later years.

TEASERAMA (1955, USA, Irving Klaw, comedy/sexploitation, 55m) - Teaserama was the second feature-film project of "girlie picture" maven Irwin Klaw. The star of the proceedings is Klaw's number-one peep-show attraction, the inimitable Bettie Page. When she's not removing her clothes and wiggling her torso, Bettie serves as the film's placard girl, heralding the other acts. These include such well-known stripteasers as Tempest Storm, Chris La Chris, Twinnie Wallen, Trudy Wayne and Cherry Knight, few of whom are in Betty's league, with the notable exception of Storm. Comedy is provided by future Car 54 Where are You star Joe E. Ross and burleycue top banana Dave Starr. 

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