Ballet For Belly Dancers

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This DVD teaches modified ballet techniques tailored to help bellydancers increase balance, fluidity, strength and grace. The program includes precise ballet-inspired exercises to condition the body for efficient and graceful dancing, with additional postures, steps and combinations that can easily be incorporated into any dance routine.

Originally developed in the courts of Louix XIV and refined over centuries, ballet is globally recognized for its beauty and athleticism. As a foundational movement style, cross-training in ballet provides structure and a common vocabulary beneficial to performers of all dance backgrounds.

The DVD contains a warm up, technique demonstration and glossary of ballet terminology, drills and combinations. Each ballet step is explained, broken down and translated into a bellydance context. Drills of the ballet-inspired bellydance technique follow each section for extended practice. Longer combinations showcase the technique elements integrated with other bellydance moves. A bellydance version of ballet’s traditional reverence, or curtsy, is also included.

About Brianna
Brianna is a professional bellydancer with over twenty-five years of dance training and experience as a performer and instructor. Originally trained in classical Russian ballet, she was captivated by bellydance’s emotion and excitement. She is a multi-award winning soloist and choreographer.

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