Advance Your Bellydance - Vol. 2: Combinations and Lyrical Choreography

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with Rachel George




Volume 2 features choreography to Om Koulsoum's "Ayla". The piece is sensual and dramatic featuring the haunting classic as played by none other than San Diego's own "Middle Earth". The "Alf Leyla" track can be found on their latest CD titled "Lavender", available in our store.

From dramatic backbends and turns, an extensive floor work section and a healthy amount of complex layering throughout, this choreography is sure to inspire and challenge beginning/intermediate through seasoned professional level dancers.

Rachel is a national multi-award winning performer, choreographer and instructor. She has an incomparable musical interpretation ability rooted from a great understanding in dance movement, technique and muscle isolation strength that gives her style and instruction that one of a kind touch.

Chapter Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Combinations
  3. Rhythm Identification
  4. Choreography
  5. Performances
  6. About the Artists

Program Features

  • 7 Combinations To Use In The Choreography
  • Challenging Layering + Isolations Breakdown
  • Exact Counts Mapped To Music
  • Written Choreography + Notes To Follow Along With on PDF File (Not on Separate Disc as DVD cover implies)

Special Features

  • Music Options
    • Choose No Music with counts repeated
    • or Steps with Music repeated
  • Umm Kalthoum Bio
  • Two Bonus Performances
  • Chapter Selections
  • Additional Video of Foot Patterns
  • Special Commentary
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