Alma De Amaya ! - Soul Of Amaya

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On this popular DVD, Amaya teaches various styles of bellydance including Arabic, Egyptian, Turkish, Spanish & Gypsy as well as step combinations. The simplest moves are basic enough for someone with a good basic vocabulary, with room to grow into the more complex moves. Intermediates will find a couple of more challenging moves, some easy but charming ones, and some very good advice for creating interesting and artful performances.

Most of the time, Amaya demonstrates the moves with her back to the camera, but often turns around to show the move from the front as well. She wears a series of different leotards with a contrasting hip scarf. It is easy to see what she is doing. Amaya teaches several variations on each basic move. Each variation changes the flavor of the step, adding drama and interest. Amaya gives advice sometimes about when to use some of the moves, for example, suggesting one that would work well with a full skirt, what kind of music a move would work best with, what mood it might convey, etc.

She sometimes suggests very subtle extra embellishments such as a chin lift, a hand accent, or a glance over the shoulder that really change the look of the move. Each move is very well broken down, demonstrated repeatedly - slowly at first and then full speed. If she is teaching a combination, she breaks down each element, such as footwork, hipwork, and arms, teaching each individually and then combined. She counts out each move in time with the music. Her teaching style is very clear and easy to follow. She explains proper posture and stresses a relaxed facial expression.


Movements Taught

Basic Egyptian

with 1/2 turn with "genuflection" with 1/2 turn with "horse bow" with full turn "Aziz" basic egyptian with arm variations traveling forward and back with lotus hands (and variations)


Basic Arabesque

with "butterfly leap" "Arabesque" (and variations) with 1/2 turn with body wave


Basic Arabic

with shimmy "gypsy style" (and variations) with hop and foot change diagonally to right and left (and variations) with 1/4 turns diagonally right and left with reverse figure 8's and kick with 1/2 turns "lazy man's" basic arabic with maya combination

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