Belly Dance Television Video News Magazine Vol.2

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on Carolena Nericcio - Meet the mother of American Tribal Style belly dance and discover how the Tribal craze was born.

Rising Stars:
We'll introduce you to two of the hottest belly dancers you may have never seen: Habib from Sedona, Arizona, and Sadie from Denver, Colorado. Plus, enjoy two exclusive performances that you can only find on BD-TV.

Feature Story:
Go behind the scenes at one of the most exciting belly dance productions to date... Suhaila's "Sheherezade."

Hip Tips:
Anaheed and Paulina show you how to give your costume wardrobe a face lift by tucking and draping your skirts in a variety of ways.

Check out highlights from some of the most popular belly dance events of 2004: Tribal Fest, Belly Dancer of the Universe, and the Bellydance Superstars in Las Vegas!

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