Armed and Dangerous: Hand and Arm Techique for Belly Dance

Armed and Dangerous: Hand and Arm Techique for Belly Dance

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No matter what style of belly dance you perform, your hands and arms are the icing on the cake of your performance. Your gestures not only look lovely on stage, but frame your body and convey emotions to your audience. On this DVD, Princess Farhana teaches technique for gorgeous hands and arms, from shoulder technique to hand and finger positions. You will gain upper body strength and stamina, accent your movements, improve fluidity and achieve beautiful body lines, down to your fingertips.

Add sensual flourishes and graceful embellishments to your performance, and how to dance with slow, graceful arms layered over quick movements and shimmies. Learn to use resistance, flow and speed to achieve emotional intent, as well as Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Saudi, Rom and North African folkloric gestures, plus dramatic arm and hand positions suitable for fusion performances.

Also included: hands and arm drill with finger cymbals, a costumed performance, and bonus features!

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