Belly Dance With Snakes - Embody Your Inner Serpent with Serpentessa

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“Serpentessa is a beautiful dancer and a very wise and sincere healing force. Dancing with her and her incredibly meditative and sensual snakes was one of the highlights of my dance experience.”
- Jehan Kamal, High Priestess of Music & Dance

When we come to know the truth of the serpent… we come to understand our true nature… We step into our power."  
- ALisa Starkweather, founder of The Priestess Path Apprenticeship

"A powerful introspective experience… about the dance of the mind made manifest in the dance of the body. If you are a performing dancer, her teaching will help you to find the images that can spark inspiration at will.” 
- Neon, trend-setting dance artist & instructor
Primordial and mysterious....ancient and alluring....sensual and provocative!  

Dancing with a snake will captivate your audience, improve improvisational skills, awaken intuitive wisdom, activate archetypal energies, present educational opportunities and strengthen your belly dance technique.

Learn with Serpentessa to merge body, mind & soul with your snake in a graceful, safe and beautiful interspecies dance. 

DVD Main Chapters: 
6 Mesmerizing Performances  
•  Snake Dance Instructional - includes Bonding - Slow - Fast - Floorwork Sequences plus Shimmies and more
•  Serpent Wisdom featuring transformative ceremonies on film for the first time, A relaxing Inner Serpent meditation, Serpent slide show 

Special features:
•  Stunning contributions from Jehan Kamal, Sera of East Coast Tribal and Gwyneth Larsen, a renowned aerialist.
•  Optional Commentaries

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