Amira Mor Body Sculpt – Blast The Fat 4 Life

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Amira Mor invites you to learn the skills of isolation and coordination. A master teacher, Amira pays attention to detail, clarity of explantion, and standards of excellence to guide dancers of all skill levels toward developing precise muscle control and mind-body awareness. “Body Sculpt” is a 5 level workout geared to improve the quality of your life.

Running-Time: 85 min.

1- Learn new state of the art technique
2- Isolation and coordination for core strengthening, posture, balance, and agility
3- Lose weight while you boost energy and sculpt your body
4- Decrease inches in your midsection and thighs
5- Increase strength and endurance
6- Develop body awareness and self-confidence
7- Become fit and firm, healthy and sexy, look and feel younger

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