Neon - Instant Belly Dancer 1

Neon - Instant Belly Dancer 1

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Belly dance - ancient language of beauty and feminine power, modern rite of celebration, freedom from the ordinary. Transform your mind and body. Bellydance... and be amazing!

"Instant BellyDancer 1" is a breakthrough rapid-learning system created by New York star dancer and trend-setting instructor, Neon. This DVD is a new, updated edition of Neon's acclaimed bellydance instruction classic: "Instant Belly Dancer: Curves."

To make belly dance easy to learn from video and fun to practice as an improvisational art, the "Instant Bellydancer: A Crash Course in Belly Dance" video DVD series presents the "3D" or "Instant" belly dance instruction system, showing dance moves as trajectories following 2- and 3-dimensional shapes. Animated onscreen graphics superimposed on Neon's moving image effectively interpret movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning. Grouping of movements into clear-cut categories enables easy recall of dance patterns when improvising. In addition to basic steps, the DVD features moves and combinations that go far beyond the basics.

FEATURES * on-screen animated geometric renderings of dance moves superimposed directly on the instructor's moving image * NEW! Practice session and combinations for every move (total 60 min. of practice!) plus six "review" practice sessions * Access each individual move directly from systematic interactive menus * NEW! Play practice sessions only,or play review sessions only for a fun, non-stop bellydance WORKOUT! * a bonus performance by Neon

The INSTANT BELLY DANCER SYSTEM consists of two sections: 1 ( or "Curves") and 2 ( or"Hipwork Plus" )

Belly dance movement is organic, deriving from the natural, instinctual motion of the human body. Bellydance productions by WorldDance New York are designed to introduce you to bellydancing as art, entertainment and as a form of exercise. Dance is the fun way to pursue your weight loss goals, get in shape - and stay in shape.


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