Neon - Bellydance For Body Shaping (Buns & Thighs)

Neon - Bellydance For Body Shaping (Buns & Thighs)

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Belly dance is perfect for sculpting buns & thighs since so many moves are driven by the glute, thigh, and hip muscles.

If you are familiar with bellydance, these exercise sessions will help you improve or polish your technique by encouraging a consistent focus on incorporating glute contraction in your hipwork. Glute work added to hip isolations and combined moves helps increase your hips' range of motion and make accents sharp and expressive.

If you are new to bellydance, learn and practice belly dance steps during this workout, then follow Neon as she demonstrates a choreographed 2-min. dance! The dance can be accessed separately for review before leaving for a dance club or party. Personal trainer Andy Troy, CSCS offers exercise safety tips throughout the program.

Each of the three 15-min. exercise/dance sessions includes: 3-min. warmup; 9-min. exercise session; 2-min. dance sequence (2-3 reps of each move/combination from the exercise session arranged into an attractive choreography); 1-min. cooldown.

* Onscreen graphics offer visual tips to the use of glutes and thigh muscles in bellydance.
* During the 2-min. dance sequences, graphics of the move trajectories serve as visual cues;
* A progress bar shows the number of reps for each move, plus marks the rep you are currently performing.
* Anatomy of belly dance movement -- comments by personal trainer Andy Troy CSCS
* Safety tips throughout the program by Andy Troy

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