Neon - Instant Belly Dancer Vol.1 (Curves)

Neon - Instant Belly Dancer Vol.1 (Curves)

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INSTANT BELLYDANCER is an innovative intensive program, a fast-track how-to source for adding bellydance moves to your club and party dance repertoire, as well as a solid starting point for a systematic study of belly dance.

The INSTANT BELLYDANCER DVDs present dance moves as trajectories following geometric shapes. A consistent system of animated onscreen graphics superimposed on the Neon's moving image effectively interprets movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning. Grouping of movements into clear-cut categories enables easy recall of dance patterns when improvising. In addition to basic steps, the DVD features moves and combinations that go far beyond the basics.

The INSTANT BELLYDANCER Curves DVD explores moves based on smooth, curvy geometric patterns: Vertical and horizontal circles, semicircles, and infinity loops; the movements that give bellydance its serpentine, fluid look.

As bellydance sweeps the worlds of pop music and fashion, the INSTANT BELLYDANCER DVDs interpret this art from a modern, trend-aware perspective: Bellydance as a source of sophisticated grace and exotic flair that both honors and transcends its origins, encouraging freedom, creativity and individuality in combining dance moves.

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