Future - Waves Of The Future(Hip-Hop & House Dance) (2 DVD Set)

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What is waving? It's the illusional improvisational street hip-hop dance style that you THOUGHT you could never do! Follow Future to develop that extreme fluidity of movement through precise muscle control, combined with the power of visualization. You can create the illusion of waves traveling through your body, making it look like your body is a liquid being poured from glass to glass...

Future starts by listening to the beat of the music, finding and keeping the rhythm, then introduces his unique system of isolations, preparing you for multi-dimensional full body waves. Then he offers a detailed tutorial on footwork patters that are easy to combine with waves for a varied and dynamic performance.

Runnig Time : 260 Min.

Chapters :

-    Basics of hip-hop waving & combinations
-    Advanced waves and combinations
-    House dance moves and combinations
-    Waving in house dance

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