Neon - City of Dreams(An Evocative Belly Dance Choreography)

Neon - City of Dreams(An Evocative Belly Dance Choreography)

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City of Dreams is the name of an instrumental piece by Doug Adamz and it’s also the title of this bellydance choreography. The level is advanced, but if you consider yourself intermediate level, you will absolutely benefit from this video, it will just require a bit more focus and practice.

The instructional thrust here is adopting and practicing elements that give bellydance high visual impact and a meaningful, evocative air in the eyes of Western audiences.

It’s great to be skilled at subtle isolations and cascading hip and torso accents that are the essence of bellydance, but if you stay true to its village and social dance origins, you will lose your modern-day Western audience for whom enjoyable dance involves dramatic full-body movement, sophisticated footwork, and story-telling  elements such as gestures and universal body language that expresses and portrays emotions.

Along with classic belly dance hip work, well resolved footwork, and clean elegant lines, Neon included in this dance lots of material that has modern, high-impact flair - dramatic elongated poses like the images of art deco dancers, beautiful arm patterns that go beyond framing your hipwork, evocative gestures and the clean and uncluttered pacing that gives your audience a chance to savor the bold strokes with which you are painting the canvas of your dance.

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