Tanna Valentine - Bir Demet(A Classic Belly Dance Veil Choreography)

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The Bir Dimet Classic Belly Dance Veil Choreography by Tanna Valentine is both a performance-ready dance and a collection of iconic veil dance moves and tricks put together for technique polishing and practice. If you are new to belly dance, this program will be your shortcut to mastering the fundamentals of veil dancing and performing with the veil.

Coming from the American Cabaret tradition of bellydance, veil dance is one of the most striking and glamorous genres within belly dance. With its emphasis on beautiful carriage, showmanship, graceful arms and elegant steps it’s accessible to beginners and gentle on your knees - a great way to ease into advancing your fitness level for dance or weight loss.

Tanna Valentine shares suggestions about which types of veil are best for performance, breaks down each step and veil ‘trick’ in detail, and offers practice for you to test your skill and enjoy the graceful flow of veil dance.

Bir Dimet Yasemin  (‘a bouquet of jasmin’) is a Turkish song that became a classic bellydance veil performance song in the mid-20th century Greek and Turkish night clubs in the US. The original lyrics of the song talk about the memory of love and longing for the beloved, but since the instrumental version became far more prevalent in belly dance shows, the sweet and romantic melody of Bir Dimet Yasemin and its mysterious mood allows for a wider range of emotional interpretations.

The Bir Dimet version selected by Tanna Valentine was recorded by Amir Naoum Chehade and Elias Sarkar in New York City for their World Dance New York album Bellydance New York.


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