Dr. Samy Farag - Arabian Dance Fever

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Category:    Orient , Bellydance


Release Date :    2003



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Music on this DVD available on CD Arabian Dance Fever.

All zones. This DVD has been mastered to play in every system including NTSC, PAL and SECAM

1. Nagwa Fouad and troupe perform to Baladi Thriller.
Music by Moustafa Hamido - Choreography by Kamal Naeim - Directed by Nadia Hamza

2. Nagwa Fouad and Troupe
Music by Fatme Serhan and Orchestra

3. Fahtiem and Co. - Of Veils and Incense - Performed to Enta Omri

4. Shira Performs to Original Melodies
Music by Sayyed Darwish and Dr. Samy Farag

5. Sa'dia performs to Hebina
Music by Farid Al-Atrash

6. Layalina Folkloric Dance Ensemble - Dabke performance to Al Ain Moulayiten
Music by Lebanese Folklore

7. Nabila Mtwalli performs Cabaret Belly Dance to a medley of Lebanese and Egyptian melodies

8. Nabila Mtwalli Cane Performance Cabaret Belly Dance and folklore variation.


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