Mohamed Ali - Old Cairo

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Mr. Ali learned music at the “Foud El- Roel Institute”, graduating in 1968. He worked as a master for a music team called “El Sheroch” and worked with great Egyptian singers as a Nay player. He composed for Egyptian and Arabic singers as well as for dancers such as Hendhya, Amani, Nani, Kloud, Soher Said & Rehab and worldwide for Sayed Balaha, Mo Geddawi, Raqia Hassan, Yousry & Nourhan Sharif.

Look forward to "Old Cairo " Bellydance arranged from Mohamed Ali, presenting the conventional Arabic favorite-piece from Cairo. Relax with a good cup of tea and enjoy these middle-eastern classics.
The brilliant Egyptian composer, binds his public with moving and inspiring pieces from the Middle East.

Tracklist :

01. APir

02. Bint El Balad

03. Ana Wanta

04. Longa Schrara

05. Kaliko Schhadin

06. Schmoa

07. Nay Solo

08. Yaini Elsapy

09. Tkoni Gawpi

10. Tabla Solo

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