Said El Amir - Get Ready to Dance Vol.2

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Get Ready To Dance Vol. 2

1DVD incl 1 Audio CD


English Middle Eastern Dance is spread all over the world and rich of facets. For optimizing its complexity of movements and for being able to hold a candle to its coordinative challenges Saïd el Amir created this extensive warm up for contemporary Middle Eastern Dance. As well useful as a sportive work-out as for regular lessons this DVD contains besides a joint’s-warm-up, a cardio training, a roll-down, feet and turn exercises, plies and stretch also an intensive abdominal muscle training for a better shape and better balance. In almost twenty minutes the healthy body will be prepared in an optimal way for the claims of Middle Eastern Dance.


Gelenke Warm-up / Joint’s warm-up Cardiotraining Roll-down Füße- und Drehungsübung / Feet and Turn Exercise Pliés und Stretch / Pliés and Stretch Bauchmuskeltraining / Abdominal Muscle Training Detailliertes PDF-Skript / Detailed script as pdf-file DVD



45 Min. je Sprache Audio-CD: 23 Min.






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