Sayed Balaha - Balaha Shows Vol.3

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Sayed Balaha presents Egyptain Show Music 

Due to the huge worldwide success of the already released CDs " Balaha Shows Vol. 1" and the follow-up album "Balaha Shows Vol 2" has the master drummer and the "King of the Oriental Grooves" Sayed Balaha decided, "a third and the last CD Balaha successful shows to publish collection.
As to the two previously released albums, this CD offers a vibrant collection of instrumental pieces with a variety of belly dance tabla solos with full percussion arrangements by Sayed Balaha, compiled specifically for dancers.
FULL DANCE SHOW'S FROM A - Z, which inspired a glittering jewels of oriental music, to dance.
The CD demonstrates Sayed's 50 years of stage experience and his knowledge as an artist and teacher.                              Keep on dancing!    




Tracklist :

Nelly Show  

  1. Nelly
  2. Abd El Wahab
  3. Oh,Oh Balaha
  4. Bambouti
  5. Final

Time :  20:37


Ochid Show 

  1. Ochid
  2. Lily
  3. Magic Saidi
  4. Shake Me Balaha , part II
  5. Final

Time :  22:28


Shirin Show 

  1. Shirin
  2. Yassmena
  3. Balaha El Genaaoui
  4. Naheda
  5. Final

Time :  22:16



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