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An instrument, four different styles:

Ian Melrose ( acoustic fingerstyle ) - Karl Scholz ( jazz ) - Heiko Ossig ( classical ) - Georg Kempa ( flamenco )

having known and admired each other's work for some time, the idea of a pecial gitar project was born : to present one of the most popular instruments of our time in its wonderful diversity.

Hear the many varied modes of expression and savour the sounds of four virtuosos as  they create their musical magic. Next to solo performances they also explore different combinations : acoustic fingerstyle meets jazz, flamenco meets classical and soon and so forth , culminating

in a very unique guitar quartet... four strong musical personalities from four musical genres merge to present a stunning spefctrum on their instrumentsn : the guitar




Trackliste :

01. fourstyles rumbaembed height="15" quality="high" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="40"> 
02. angel eyes
03. lamento 
04. capricho arabé
05. pink panther 
06. huntingtone castle
07. tres notas 
08. night journey 
09. karl’s blues
10. milonga
11. moonglow
12. pata negra
13. guten abend, gute nacht

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