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Alam Tani" meaning literally: another world


Tarek Bitar’s debut CD production includes 10 brand new  jewels of classic Arabian Dance with new compositions and  arrangements from Ahmed Abdel Fattah and Hatem Nasr.

This is a varied album of passionate music in a range of Arabic dance styles (Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Tarab, Tarab/Shaabi, Tango and Waltz).

Tarek’s aim here is to combine genres and styling from the west with the oriental music and rhythms of his homeland in the east - and to do it in his unique way!

One of the highlights of the CD is the song "Alam Tani“ composed by Tarek himself.  It’s a classic-style Lebanese song of love, harmony and passion that transports listeners to "another world” as the title suggests ("Alam Tani" meaning literally: another world). And the result is certainly worth hearing… this is

an album of both singing and compositions which will undoubtedly touch listener's hearts.Guaranteed to raise every dancer’s heartbeat, Tarek Bitar's masterful debut CD should not be missing from any collection.


Tracklist :

01.   Aly Ayz Ysalm
02.   Alayon
03.   Alam Tani
04.   Nabila Ya Asal
05.   Alkak
06.   Salem Alia Elena (Tabla by Sayed Balaha)
07.   Ya Hwa Zman
08.   Alby Dalely (Walza) (Tabla by Sayed Balaha)
09.   Alli wa Oultilo
10.   Tango Zahra (Tabla by Sayed Balaha)

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