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“Drum Attack” is the latest exciting release of Lebanese drummer Tony Chamoun of Boston.

The selections are dedicated to many professional dancers in the Boston area for whom Tony has played in his career offering a great variety and mixture of dynamic rhythms that will appeal to the student, teacher and professional dancer. Tony is from a celebrated musical family from Lebanon and his father is the famous recorded Lebanese singer, George Chamoun who saw to it that Tony learned to play the tabla as early as he learned to walk. Growing up in a musical household, Tony was exposed to many great drummers in the past and learned from them including Lebanon and Boston’s late Ibrahim Maalouf, a unique talent.

What makes Tony Chamoun great today is his ability to assimilate this musical education of the past with his unique talent and continued musical experience today producing the innovative exciting rhythms of Drum Attack. We highly recommend this CD to all dancers and aficionados of Arabic rhythms.



01. Shadia (3:21)

02. Nourhan (8:25)

03. Lola (1:24)

04. Najmat (6:18)

05. Katia (4:25)

06. Johara (7:18)

07. Phaedra (3:11)

08. Shakira (4:47)

09. Houwaida (8:01)

10. DeAnna (1:34)

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