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Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms: Volume 2

This collection follows in the footsteps of Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms but adds a new dimension: tracks created exclusively for this album and unavailable elsewhere. Emotive voices, pulsating rhythms and exotic melodies thoughtfully sequenced to make a thoroughly enriching listening experience. This album is your perfect flying carpet ride to desert lands full of mystery, intrigue and romance: a world of exciting new sounds and infectious rhythms.


01. Olga Tanon & Hakim: Ah Ya Albi 05:08

02. Amina: Lirrili 04:50

03. Rachid Taha: En Retard

04. Glenn Tilbrook, Chris Difford & Latifa: Take Me I'm Yours 04:28

05. Cheb Mami: Bäida 04:01

06. Cheb Nasro: Naachak Fik 04:40

07. Ragheb Alama & Faudel: Albi Htar 04:09

08. Sabu & Arabian Fantasy: Yala Habibi 04:40

09. Shani: Call Of The Wild 03:28

10. Nawal Al Zoughbi: Bain Albareh Wa Al Yom 04:10

11. Ragheb Alama & Andy: Yalla Ya Chabab 05:10

12. Oojami: Istanboogie 05:22

13. Khaled: Trigue Lycee 04:40

14. Zohar: The Merciful One 05:05

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