Abu Naimah - I Like You,Because You're Different feat.Mohamed Askari u. Beo Brockhausen

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The duo Abu Naimah (Mohamed Askari and Beo Brockhausen) came together after a long hiatus, finally in 2008 to record a CD together.

The desert is an oasis
It is open space, meditation, soulful living sand, creative flow, an ocean, sound in silence, silence in sound.

Mohamed Askari plays nay and egyptian drums and recites

Beo Brockhausen plays bansuri, whistle, percussion, sarod, piano, bass, fujara, bouzouki, ud, ghu zheng, kantele and bow harp


Tracklist :

01. I Like You, Because You Are Different (11:47) 

02. Robaiyat  (2:32)

03. High Five (8:46)

04. Far East – Near West  (5:57)

05. Lullaby  (11:32)

06. Beirut  (8:21)

07. To make A Long Story Short  (7:29)

composed by Mohamed Askari and Beo Brockhausen - arranged, mixed and recorded by Beo Brockhausen at Homework Studio


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