Solace - Vadalna - Solace Remixed

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A Compilation of Some of the More Popular Solace Songs which have Been Remade,
Rearranged and Remixed by Some of the Most Well Known DJs and Musical Artists
such as DJ Cheb i Sabah, DJ Filth, Alex Spurkel (Electric Sky Church) and Solace

Tracklist :

01. Khushee Maanao (The Aural Mix) (Warrior Productions)
02. Desert Journey (The Hard Ethnic Trance Mix) (DJ Filth)
03. Cybele (The Neo-Tribal Mix) (Solace)04. Nataraja (The Basaal Mix) (Joseph Maken)
05. Khatar (The Alex Mix) (Alex Spurkel)
06. Saptak (The Samaya Mix) (DJ Cheb I Sabbath)
07. Darban Jooth Na Boley (The Omega Mix) (Jr. Samples)
08. Exiled (The Asylum Mix) (Solace)


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