Lawrence of Arabia

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Lawrence von Arabien (Remastered ) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is one of those grand sweeping and majestic scores that instantly conjure pure romanticism. It's hard to imagine the likes of such that will ever be paralleled in scope and grandeur that is Lawrence of Arabia. It is a miracle unto itself and Maurice Jarre's shimmering score is as legendary and epic on scale. 1. Overture 2. Main Titles 3. First Entrance to the Desert/Night and Stars/Lawrence and Tafas 4. Miracle 5. That Is the Desert 6. Nefud Mirage/Sun's Anvil 7. Rescue of Gasim/Bringing Gasim into Camp 8. Arrival at Auda's Camp 9. On to Akaba/Beach at Night 10. Sinai Desert 11. Voice of the Guns 12. Horse Stampede/Ali Rescues Lawrence/Lawrence and His Bodyguard 13. End/Playoff Music
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