Cairo, Cairo - feat.Momo Kadous & Randa Kamel

Cairo, Cairo - feat.Momo Kadous & Randa Kamel

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A celebration of Egyptian Dance by Claribel

Singapore, 28. July 2006...


...this DVD is distinct worth seeing and offers, although already produces 2 years ago, a high-quality stage-program. Particularly excellent through harmony and high synchronization are the group-dances. The selection of the foreign dance-stars promises the spectator the pleasure of a high-quality show-experience, with convincing performances of the brilliant artist Randa Kamel from Cairo and her colleague Momo Kadous from Germany, born in Cairo!


All in all  this is a DVD, that everyone must necessarily have!!!
Show Programm
1. SAGAT ( Finger Cymbals) - Choreography: Dr. Serene Lim
2. DOUBLE VEIL ( Veil Dance ) - Choreography: Ms Claribel Ng
3. RAKS ASSAYA ( Cane Dance ) - Choreography: Dr. Mo Geddawi
4. HAGALLA - Choreography: Mdm. Raqia Hassan
5. MILAYA - Choreography: Mdm. Raqia Hassan
6. Solo Performance von Mr Momo Kadous
7. Solo Performance von Ms Randa Kamel







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