Bellydance Superstars present - Tribal Fusion Fundamentals

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This DVD features four of the most sought after instructors teaching today.
Moria 's section consits of squads, power yoga and glute isolations with a touch of layring. Meant to be practiced every day, her 20 minutes warm-up and conditioning will train the dancer to open and strengthen the muscles most crucial to isolations and control in bellydance.
Finger Cymbals are a fundamental tool for yout Tribals Style repetoir. Once mastered, thwy will aid timing in dance movement and provide impact in performace settings. Samantha has designed thos practice with one goal in mind, to get your moving and playing right away, usin gthiy approach will help to avoid frustation later! Repetition and patience is key to mastering this tool.
In her section, Sherri covers fundamentals of basic floorwork. She begins with a quick warm-up incorporating a very strong emphasis on conditioning and strength training specific to floorwork. She then moves on to techniques to transition to the floor followed by breaking down movements. Among the fun damentals covered are body waves, backbends and traveling movements such as berber walks. Sherri incorporates these movements into a combination after which she concludes this portion with a simple cool down.
Kami Liddle teaches a brief introduction to locks covering basic technique and movements. The movements introduced are then put together into 2 short combinations.
- a 1 hour presentation on how to assemble Tribal costuming as well as makeup application
- a special dance solo from each dancer!
all regions, NTSC
Dual Layer
DVD Playtime: 122 min

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