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Silk & Feahers - Burlesque Fan Dance with Jo Weldon

Created by New York City-based burlesque star Jo Weldon, “Silk and Feathers” is an introduction to burlesque fan dance. Popularized by the ostrich feather fan dance act of Sally Rand in the 1930s, fan dance with striptease or the implication of a body reveal has become a globally-recognized staple of burlesque performance. In “Silk and Feathers” Jo Weldon teaches three fan dance routines - with beautiful small marabou fans, glamourous veil fans, and with fabulous and sophisticated large ostrich fans. The dances are set to classic burlesque music and use a wide array of movement, poses, and techniques from the distinctive vocabulary of burlesque fan dance. Each routine is carefully constructed for beginners, with precise movement and repetitions to build skills specific to this unique art.

You will learn all the basics of burlesque fan dance, enhance the grace and poise of your movement, and expand your musicality and acting skills as the dances take you from sensuality to playfulness, and from a grand-diva stance to naughtiness. Jo Weldon demonstrates three fan dances and teaches them step-by-step. The focus of Jo’s instruction is on manipulating the fans, and the art of revealing, concealing, and framing.

You can incorporate these routines as burlesque into a striptease act, or perform them as visual spectacles without striptease. A special section of the program offers you tips and techniques for performing striptease behind the large ostrich fans during your fan dance act. Jo explains hand and arm positions and the concept of “leading” in minute detail: These are the most vital elements of the fan dance skill.

She also shares suggestions on expressivity, and on projecting the joy, humor, and sensuality that will make your burlesque dance an unforgettable experience for your audience.

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