Cocktail - The Classic Cabaret

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Cocktail - The Classic Cabaret Bellydance Workout is a dance-based fitness program created by the New-York-based star bellydance performer and instructor Tanna Valentine. It features 100% bellydance movement and authentic bellydance performance music.

If you are new to bellydance, the 60-minute Tutorial section explains the moves in detail and demonstrates every bellydance step used in the program. You can practice by following Tanna in the Beginner Practice Flow. While in the workout section bellydance moves are arranged in full-fledged dance combinations, the Practice Flow allows you to work on each step individually through a series of simple repetitions to music.

The 30-minute Cocktail workout section is presented by by Tanna and her fellow NYC dancers Giselle and Yoshina. It is designed as both a fitness and an educational experience where you will sample and practice the classic bellydance moves and combinations of cabaret bellydance while working to improve your muscle tone and flexibility, and adding variety to your weight loss or weight maintenance regimen. The workout structure follows the layout of a typical cabaret bellydance show: An uptempo opening, a moderate-paced lyrical section, a dynamic party-style dance, an expressive and sultry slow cifte-telli, an upbeat sparkling drum solo, and a brief finale. This cycle is repeated twice in the course of the workout to two different soundtracks of classic bellydance music, with the second cycle offering an extra segment featuring the rhythm and steps of Turkish karsilama.

This organic structure of the American Cabaret bellydance show, alternating higher and lower intensity sections, mirrors the interval method of fitness training and makes a great dance-based workout with a focus on muscle conditioning and toning. The variety of dance steps challenges your body to quickly switch between muscle groups and results in an effective and fun fitness experience. "Making time in your life for planned physical fitness is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity," says Tanna Valentine, "While many women lead busy lives and are not always motivated to go to the gym, dance-based fitness is highly-motivating because it is more than sweating and burning calories. Along with fitness benefits it provides a vehicle for artistic expression, and also has a strong emotional and spiritual component that brings a release from stress and physical apathy through inspiration and a burst of creative energy.

You have to make time for this in your daily life." Whether you are looking to improve your physical conditioning and enhance your shape, or to learn and practice a wide range of classic cabaret bellydance combinations in preparation for performing on stage or at a night life venue, Tanna's Cocktail workout will support and entertain you on your way toward these goals. The Cocktail workout offers 2 soundtrack options: with voice cues and with music only.

The Cocktail Bellydance Workout video also features a number of performances by Tanna Valentine, Giselle and Yoshina.

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