5 Layers From the Ground Up!

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with Nadira



There are so many nuances and complexities in bellydance, it's sometimes hard to figure out where to start. Starting at the feet and working your way up is a much more attainable way to understand and execute movement. It is about working smart, utilizing only the muscles you need. Nadira will take you through a comprehensive breakdown of technique used in most bellydance movement, show you the best body alignment to get the most out of your dance and methods of layering with optional upgrades.

Next you'll learn combinations to spice up your dance and she'll show you how it's all put together in a live performance. Whether you're just beginning or a seasoned professional, you will be challenged with this DVD.


Tracklist :

01. Introduction

02. Warm up

03. Body Alignment

04. Movement

05. 5 Layers

06. Combinations

07. Live Performances

08. About

09. Cool Down

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