Best Of Burlesque (2 DVD Set)

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The Most Strip-tacular DVD Ever Made!

Join Lili St. Cyr, Tempest Storm, Dixie Evans, and Over 100 Bump-and-Grind Beauties in a Peek Back at the Good Ol' Days of Big-Time Burlesque when Stripping was an Art Form and Baggy Pants Comics told the World's Corniest Jokes! It's the Greatest Collection of Torrid Torso Twisters ever assembled -- including 2 Full-Length Features, 32 Novelty Shorts, 6 Shorts in Stereoscopic 3D, and Over 40 Minutes of Theatrical Trailers. Features Dixie Evans, Patti Waggin, Lili St. Cyr, Tempest Storm, Lorraine Lane, Sallly Rand, Evelyn West and more.

An amazing selection of Burlesque delights are contained on this awesome selection of movies, shorts, trailers, and even some eye-popping 3D effects! (3D glasses are included). Over seven hours of action is included in total, including two full-length features (A VIRGIN IN HOLLYWOOD and TOO HOT TO HANDLE).

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