Amira Mor Vol. 01 - Behind the Veil

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Experience the grace and sensuality of world-class belly-dancer Amira Mor in this release of a live performance showcasing her unique blend of classical style and modern innovation.


Amira Mor, Internationally renowned belly dancer, was born and raised in the Middle East, where she was infused with a love of music and dance. She has received world-wide acclaim as a performer, choreographer, producer, director, and certified fitness instructor has drawn a large, devoted audience which has made her one of the worlds most sought after contemporary belly dancer. Amira is an inspiration to women around the world. She is the director of the Jewels of the Desert Dance Company and has produced many shows including the Off-Broadway production of Secrets of the Desert.

Amira has appeared in music videos with John Mellencamp and has appeared in TV shows.

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