Angelique Hanesworth - Belly Dance Layering: Technique and Practice

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A long-term training companion designed to advance you to the next level of dance, Angelique’s Bellydance Layering program consists of two main sections: Technique/Drills and Drill Choreography.

Angelique teaches 14 combinations covering a wide range of challenging hipwork and upper body layers woven into tight, high wow-factor, beautifully resolved moves. She breaks down each combination into its basic components and leads you through practice with music, building up layers gradually, working on each layer to achieve the optimal amplitude and tightness for the most graceful and illusion-enhancing effect. The Drill Choreography is a 5-section sequence of layered moves in a rich and vibrant choreographic texture.

These sections are designed to demonstrate organic placement of layered moves in a dance context, and to commit the layering techniques to your muscle memory.

Each section is taught step-by-step and accompanied by a practice session.

Running-Time: 125 min.








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