Neon - Instant Belly Dancer Vol.2 (Hipwork Plus)

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The "Hipwork Plus" DVD explores belly dance moves based on angular geometric patterns with emphasis on hipwork - the core of the belly dance vocabulary. Intricate hip movement patterns emerge from combining simple trajectories, such as horizontal and vertical hip slides, lifts, drops and arcs.

The "Instant Belly Dancer" system helps you learn - and learn fast - by presenting bellydance movements as trajectories following geometric shapes. This "instant" method is based on the mnemonic principle: A visual and systematic approach stimulating memorization of the belly dance vocabulary and encouraging freedom, creativity and individuality in combining dance moves.

From the very beginning you will see the possibilities of movement within this genre of dance. By focusing on sequences of geometric shapes, directions and dimensions, you will learn to improvise more quickly than you ever could through random learning of the traditional belly dance combinations. In no time you will know how to alternate body regions to generate similar or contrasting trajectories, develop an awareness of dance flow, and create your own unique dance silhouette.

The "Instant Belly Dancer" system is presented on two DVDs, "Curves," and "Hipwork Plus."

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