Flamenco from Berlin

Georg Kempa has over 30 years of professional flamenco guitarist in Berlin. His intimate knowledge of flamenco, flamenco guitar and his skills he developed in close cooperation with several flamenco artists at home and abroad. Ensure many years performance experience as a solo and accompanying guitarist for flamenco dancing and singing and his own studio production skills and high musical level. According to your wishes, Georg Kempa flamenco performances as a supporting program or center of your event.

The wide range and variety of flamenco allow various forms of performance that can be agreed individually. The range includes both performances as a solo guitarist and the organization of ideas in collaboration with professional flamenco artists from the fields of dance, vocals and percussion.

If interested, you will of course receive expert advice and more information !


Besides the permanent work in his recording studio "Studio 116" he is admired at the time, in collaboration with acclaimed artists at concerts.

1.      01.  Flamenco trifft Schiller

2.      02.   Gruppe „Four Styles“

3.      03.  Flamenco Vivo












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New Georg Kempa - Tapas

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New Fourstyles

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Soléo - Otros Caminos(Georg Kempa)

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Sayed Balaha - Granada

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