Sayed Balaha - Shaabi (Street Dance Around The World)

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Street Dance Around The World 


Sayed Balaha, Masterdrummer from Egypt and composer, presents a thrilling collection traditional “Shaabi Street Dance Songs” with modern arrangements in the famous Balaha-Style.

A musical trip around the world – Shaabi Dance Music – mixed with some rhythm spice from Egypt, Brazil, South America (Latino), India, Japan, China and the Caribbean.
14 all new, hip swinging and high energy loaded compositions with complete percussions arrangements for oriental dance.

A unique selection of Music tracks full of passion with special Drum Solos which can heat up every dancer’s heart.

Tracklist :


01.  Rio Shaabi
02.  African Shaabi
03.  Ya Hallo
04.  Latin Shaabi
05.  Miskara
06.  Carribian Shaabi
07.  Boosa
08.  India Shaabi
09.  Khaliji
10.  Chinese Shaabi  
11.  Shooting Star
12.  Japanese Shaabi    
13.  Rhythm Circle    
14.  Carnival Shaabi

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