Sayed Balaha - Balaha Tribal II

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SAYED BALAHA’s Second Inspiration                                                               

Who only knows Sayed Balaha as a percussionist, composer and arranger will experience the new ways of sounds he is able to do with his 2.Tribal Album first hand.
Sayed Balaha had archived it again to create a link between oriental and tribal sounds with his own unique Percussion-Beats!

10 new Tracks and 1 Bonus-Track creating a unique music feeling made of melodies and oriental rhythm.

A Must-Have for every fusion-inspired dancer!

Trackliste :

01.    Barbar 
02.    Balaha In China     
03.    Butterfly 
04.    Sahara City
05.    Satelite     
06.    Ampere Dance 
07.    Australia    
08.    Crazy Drums 
09.    Camel Walking
10.    Bells
Bonus Track
11.    The Egypt Atlantis Part 2    

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