Fat Chance Belly Dance with Helm - Raqset Al Sajat Vol.1

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FatChanceBellyDance & Helm present interacticve instructional CD Vol.1: Whether you are just beginning, or want to improve your skills and technique, this interactive CD will meet your needs! These sajat (cymbal) patterns will strengthen your understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms. Explanations, with indications on how to step to these patterns, are included in English, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Tracklist :

01. Welcome

02. How to use this CD

03. More about your cymbals

04. Karachi

05. Sa'idi

06. Fellahi

07. Masmudi Saghirah

08. Maqsum / Karachi

09. Welcome to the Land of the 3's

10. Darij

11. Dadreh

12. Morrocan Shaabi

13. More about the 3's

14. Mon Amant de St. Jean

15. Traditional Afghan Dadreh

16. Morrocan Shaabi with Gargabas

17. Welcome to The Malfuf Pulse

18. Wahda Kabirah

19. Malfuf

20. Cifteteli / Maqsum

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