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Putumayo is pleased to present Arabic Groove, a cutting- edge collection of hip and danceable tracks from North Africa and the Middle East. Arabic Groove reveals the ways funk, hip-hop and dance have blended with Arabic music to create exciting new sounds.

This forward-looking compilation features some of the most electrifying music filling fashionable nightclubs from Paris to Cairo, and includes remixes by Transglobal Underground, Volodia and Bill Laswell. As with previous Putumayo releases, Arabic Groove is an adventurous collection of contemporary world music featuring an irresistible blend that does not require the listener to understand the lyrics or comprehend the subtleties of the singing.

This is clearly music for celebration and will keep people dancing for 1001 nights and more! After listening to the songs on Arabic Groove one could not be faulted for thinking that the word "funky" must be of Arabic derivation.



Tracklist :

01. Abdel Ali Slimani - Moi et Toi - (Algeria)

02. Abdy - Galbi - (Morocco)

03. Dania - Leiley - (Lebanon)

04. Amr Diab - Amarain - (Egypt)

05. Hisham Abbas - Intil Waheeda - (Egypt)

06. Hamid el Shaeri - Hely Meli - (Libya)

07. Fadela & Sahraoui - Mani - (Algeria)

08. Natacha Atlas - Kidda - (Egypt)

09. Khaled - Mauvais Sang - (Algeria)

10. Sawt el Atlas - Ne Me Jugez Pas - (Morocco)

11. Cheb Tarik - L'histoire - (Algeria)

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