The Violet - The Book Of Eden

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Since 1999, Violet active in the Gothic, medieval and cultural scene and were able to get two albums and medieval-acoustic project Violetta a name. With the aid of old instruments and new ideas and technology Violet weave an acoustic texture that creates atmospheres and be aimed at intuitively perceivable. Melancholic, tense, sensitive structures entangle the listener into the complex and enigmatic power of music. Collaborating with the likes of The House Of Usher (eg "Radio Cornwall") expanded further their musical spectrum and consolidated one harakteristischen sound. Live Violet played already at home and abroad, together with bands like Dead Kennedys, Corvus Corax, Faun, Xavier Rudd and many others


Tracklist :


I. Hüter der Lumina

01. Präludium (Hüter der Lumina)

02. Erdlicht (Hüter der Lumina)

03. Lumina (Hüter der Lumina)

04. Wolfsjagd (Hüter der Lumina)

05. Todsicht (Die Gärten Gottes)

II. Die Gärten Gottes

06. Die Braut des Meuchelmörders (Die Gärten Gottes)

07. Sensi cuius verba / Die Karte des Jüngers (Die Gärten Gottes)

08. Über das Eis 1 (Die Gärten Gottes)

09. Der Nigromant (Die Gärten Gottes)

10. Über das Eis 2 (Die Gärten Gottes)

III. Zweierlei Himmel

11. Präludium: Die Türen zum Garten (Zweierlei Himmel)

12. Die Türen zum Garten (Zweierlei Himmel)

13. Der Besessene (Zweierlei Himmel)

14. Ruse kose / Schädelsammler (Zweierlei Himmel)

15. Die Silberfeste (Zweierlei Himmel)

IV. Das Paradies

16. Bagdad (Das Paradies)

17. Aberravi / Die Erzählung des Ritters (Das Paradies)

18. Rub al khali (Das Paradies)

19. Präludium: Ach, wie sehnlich (Das Paradies)

20. Ach, wie sehnlich (Das Paradies)

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