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The Bellydance Superstars have, in the space of four years, performed more than 480 concerts in 18 countries to over 1 million people and more than 60 television shows to over 100 million viewers. Their DVDs and CDs are bestsellers and workshops are typically sellouts and in high demand. All in all, things are good for the world s only full time, professional Bellydance troupe.
The Bellydance Superstars line of DVD s have consistently delivered top quality product to the growing dance forms audience. Bellydance is a dance where passions run high as do opinions as to what bellydance is and isn't.
There are the traditionalists who worship all things Egyptian. The Egyptian influence remains strong even in the variations now loosely termed cabaret bellydance. Learned bloggers offer dissertations across the internet as to the differences between Turkish style or Lebanese style but to the average person they all remain within the loose definition of cabaret. Meanwhile a whole new strain and indeed division of the dance is represented by the Tribal style. Originating in San Francisco it incorporates gypsy, flamenco and other folk dances into the bellydance arena to result in a darker alter ego.
Heavy tribal jewelry be rift of any sparkle, tattoos, dark course fabric in complete contrast to the sparkle and femininity of the cabaret style. Tribal itself now has many offshoots and practitioners often feel compelled to describe themselves as Tribal Fusion. As this underground phenomenon continues to grow in popularity, the Bellydance Superstars are pleased to release Tribal Fusions.
Rachel Brice Sharon Kihara Mardi Love Zoe Jakes Moria Chappell Samantha Hasthorpe Urban Tribal Dusty Palk Kami Liddle Sabrina
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