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She was born the youngest of five childres near Paris in Puteaux in July 1940.
She was only a little girl when she would sing songs by Mohammed Abdel Wahab or Farid El Atrache. Ahmad Tejani, a friend of Warda's father, was working for a famous record company, Pathè Marconi-EMI (now EMI France), which used to produce children's programs for North African Arabs in France on the Paris radio station. During one of his visits to the TAM TAM club he heard her singing and liked her voice so much that, shortly after, he presented her to the radio and she participated in the show with a song called "Song for the Mother".
In 1958, as Paris was more and more concerned by the development of the Algerian War of Independence, the whole family had to seek refuge in Beirut where she went on singing militant songs. The whole family lived in a small apartment in Al Hamra Street in Beirut. When Warda started singing in Tanyos, a famous night club in Aley, she was only 17 and her national songs were hardly the style for night clubs.

Warda al Jazairia - The Rose of Algeria - has always brought joy and pleasure, through her art, talent and magical voice, to her many fans and admirers across the Arab world and globally through more than 300 carefully chosen songs and with concerts booked all over the world.

Tracklist :

1.Batwanes Bik
2.Nar El Ghira
3.Akdeb Alik
4.Ya Lil
5.Fi Youm Wa Lila
6.Mellit Min El Ghorba
7.Fais Comme I'oiseau
8.Harramt Ahebek


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