Dark Fusion Bellydance with Sashi

Dark Fusion Bellydance with Sashi

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Sashi Dark Fusion Bellydance 

The Ascend Gothic Tribal Bellydance Format, innovated by Sashi, is an instructional guide designed to enhance your physical strength, technique and expression as a dancer as well as an introduction into the Dark Fusion form of bellydance known as the Ascend Technique.

Running-Time: 133 min.


01 Sashis Signature Warm Up: including Dynamic Stretching & Yoga

02 Instruction in The Common Language of Tribal Fusion Bellydance

03 Introduction to the Ascend Gothic Tribal Bellydance Format

04 Demonstration and practice of Ascend Signature Combinations

05 Captivating performance by Sashi

06 Captivating performance by Sa

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