BlackSheep Bellydance Format - Level 2 Vol.1 with Kajira Djoumahna

BlackSheep Bellydance Format - Level 2 Vol.1 with Kajira Djoumahna

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Learn the first half of Kajira's Level 2 BlackSheep BellyDance Format for American Tribal Style Bellydance! Nothing on this DVD has been previously recorded. Other BlackSheep BellyDancers assist throughout so you can see how the steps look on a body type closer to your own.

Any moves or combos with specific cymbal patterns are taught with those patterns. It is assumed you know your basic patterns already and can't wait for more!
* All steps and combos are taught with their cues, so you can learn to lead and follow.
* Everything is in the same order as any of my L2 Certified Teachers and I would teach it personally. This order has been fine-tuned for about 15 years, for a reason: it makes it easier and faster to learn this way, which is always more fun, too!

* Brief Review of the Class Prayer/Pranam, or Centering Exercise
* Horizontal Figure 8s
* Black Widow: in place, while turning with any number of dancers in a circle, and our famous duet pass-by!
* Down, Down, Up, Up: ¼ turns both directions and with optional ¾ shimmy overlay
* FCBD Camel
* Dawn's Camel Variation
* Old-Style Camel Walk, with optional ¼ turns
* Najla's Camel Walk Variation, with optional ¼ turns
* One, One and RockRose Variation, both directions with diagonal ½ turns
* Arabic with a Twist, a.k.a. Arabic 3 (brief review). In place and with ½ turns, both sides.
* How to do ¾ Shimmy Overlays on Turkish and Arabic steps and the info needed for layering over any other moves you desire!
* Axl Rose, or Side-to-Side Undulations

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