Burlesque Undressed With Immodesty Blaize

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Having sold out four nights in a row at London's Koko and established herself as one of the top burlesque performers in the world, Immodesty takes us into the heart of burlesque: a whirlwind of feathers, diamonds and the world's top performers, with interviews from past legends and a fascinating peep behind the velvet curtain. An intimate portrait of a vintage art-form.

It's hard to move in showbiz-land without becoming engulfed in an ocean of feathers, fans, corsets, sequins, and rhinestones. Just look at artists like Kylie, Katy Perry, Pink, Lady Gaga ,not forgetting the Saturday night staple, Strictly Come Dancing. The spirit of sexy camp - as seen in the film Cabaret, set in Weimar Germany, or Moulin Rouge - is back, and with Hollywood blockbuster 'Burlesque' now in production, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, 2010 is the year burlesque crosses over to the global mainstream.

Immodesty Blaize, crowned the Queen of Burlesque 2007 in Las Vegas , first appeared in the media performing with Goldfrapp in videos and stage shows. With her signature glamorous brand of erotic, ironic theatrical entertainment, Immodesty is uniquely placed to give us a whistlestop tour of the history of burlesque. She has spearheaded the genre's return to prominence in Europe as a sophisticated art-form. In a culture where we're constantly bombarded with overt sexual imagery, Immodesty's shows bring back high voltage glamour, humour and celebration, with the charm and allure of old Hollywood. She is very much in the tradition of national heroines such as Diana Dors and Joan Collins, who combine knowing sexuality with a British wit and a keen intelligence. Immodesty Blaize is a real woman with star quality - a modern day British Bombshell with the curves and the fun factor.

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