Gipsy Caravan - Tribal Technique Vol.03

Gipsy Caravan - Tribal Technique Vol.03

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mit Paulette Rees-Denis and Gipsy Caravan (Intermediate Level and Variations)


Paulette Rees-Denis presents this 3rd technique video DVD in the tribal bellydance series with Intermediate steps and variations on them. This video is meant to follow the first two in the series, so it is important for you, the dancer. to be familiar and comfortable with the earlier teachings. Included in this video are reviews of the previous basic steps, warm-up exercises, technique break down, practice sessions, and a mini performance with the Gypsy Caravan dancers.


The steps in this video are:

01. Ghawazee with variations

02. Shimmy with variations

03. Arabic Walk with variations

04. Double Egyptian

05. Double Tunisian

06. The Stomp

07. Tunisian Walk

08. Spanish Walk

09. Double Hip Bumps with 1./4 turns

10. Large Corkscrew

11. and Hip lift/side step, and Circle Step.

The music used is from the Gypsy Caravan CDs "Migration" and "Caravan Rhythms" and "Awakening", and will be available in our store shortly. The Gypsy Caravan - Tribal Technique Volume 3 Back CoverThe Gypsy Caravan musicians play a combination of traditional and modern instruments. Percussion instruments, such as the dumbek, davul, tar, and conga, match the dancers vigorous hip movements. Melodies played on various wind instruments including zurna, mizmar, arghul, and flute inspire the dancer's arm gestures. Together they all contribute to an exhilarating and sometimes mesmerizing sound.

The Gypsy Caravan dancers use props such as veils, swords, baskets, and finger cymbals to demonstrate their skill as well as to enrich the performance. Although some of the dances are choreographed, the dancers use their improvisational instincts to ignite the music with the spontaneity of the moment. A balance of precision and grace showcases this dance as both intoxicating and powerful. The resurging interest in this dance style allows the Gypsy Caravan to both educate and entertain their wide and ever growing audiences.

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