Bettina May's Bombshell Basics: A Pinup Model's Secrets Revealed!

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Vintage pinup style is associated with classy sexiness, youthful wholesomeness, and flawless beauty. More popular than ever, retro pinup-style clothing, hair, and makeup emerge in contemporary art, movies, advertising, on fashion runways, and in elegant nightlife venues around the world. From burlesque divas to movie stars and trendy school girls, women seek to enhance their image with the effortless glamour and mysterious charisma of classic pinup beauty.

In Bombshell Basics, A Pinup Model's Secrets Revealed! -- New York City-based pinup model, stylist, and burlesque star Bettina May shares with you her treasure box of tools, tricks, and secrets for achieving the coveted pinup look from wherever you start - short hair, straight hair, any face or body type. Bettina May focuses on ‘special effects’ you can achieve with the pinup toolbox - from camouflaging imperfections to amplifying facets of your natural beauty.

Bettina offers her expertise to help you incorporate elements of pinup makeup and hairstyles into your everyday or special-occasion look. Whether you are posing for pictures, going out to dance, or just going to work, Bettina’s magic touch will give you the inspiration and confidence you need to make yourself feel fabulous and in control of your image. Working with models, Bettina May teaches you to create amazing vintage pinup hair styles for short hair. She demonstrates techniques of working with various types of hair rollers and a wide range of ways to style short hair into glamorous and flattering styles including formal updos.

For long hair, Bettina shares tricks of adding volume and curls, and teaches how to roll Betty Page-style bangs. Incorporating hair pieces and accessories, she demonstrates luscious hairstyle options for an evening out or a stage performance. Bettina has gathered together an enormous range of pinup makeup and hair techniques from her grandmother, from vintage movie stars, and from her own experience as a performing burlesque artist and model. She demonstrates vintage makeup techniques that are minimal, solid, and easy to emulate, even if you are not accustomed to daily makeup application. It’s the simplicity of classic retro makeup that makes it so incredibly versatile and flattering to any facial type and any age, whether you want a dramatic femme fatale flair or a youthful carefree pinup girl look.

The last segment of Bombshell Basics is dedicated to vintage undergarments. The classic pieces she recommends help shape your body while retaining your feminine curves. Vintage-style modern shapewear is available and will dramatically enhance your silhouette once you are comfortable using it. Building on the theme of streamlining your silhouette, Bettina shares techniques of posing for photography demonstrating the flattering body and facial angles to make you look your best!

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