Nadia Gamal - The Legend

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Category :     Orient . Bellydance


Release Date :    2004


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Nadia Gamal the ''Queen of Belly Dance''.Most Arabs consider Nadia Gamal to be the ''Queen of Belly Dance''. Without a doubt, she has mastered this art through her graceful movements and emotional expressions. She carries a dialogue with her audience as well as her drummer Setrak Sarkissian. Her unique costumes range from Caberet to Balady to Saidi. The variety of performances also include Cane Dance and Floor Work.

Tracklist :

01.   Gharret Ya Zaman/ Taksim Nay
02.   Rakset Zeina/ Takasim Rakasa
03.   Oulli Ya Zaman/ Ya Ghazali
04.   Walla Makan/ Aminti Billah
05.   Mita Ashoufak/ Annoba/ Raf El Hamam
06.   Ya Ein Moulayiten/ Jawazouha/ Khatife/ Oulli Ya Dada
07.   Nadia vs. Setrak/ Setrak's Drum Solo/ Bonanza/ Il Goolgooli
08.   Closing/ Finale/ Wah-Wah

Running Time Approx 60 Mins

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