One Night in Cairo

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Spend One Night in Cairo, and you will experience a city full of energy, life and passion.
Exciting sights and sounds fill the nightscape with endless hours of festivity.
This culture is best apparent through Egyptian music, which offers a great variety of styles such asShaabi (people’s pop) and Balady (city music)
which are presented here by some the Arab world’s most renowned artists.
01. Hata Inta Kaman (Shaabi) Brahim Shekh 5:27
02. Mali (Classic Balady) Mohamed Ali 5:34
03. Shuruk (Remix) Roger Abboud 4:24 
04. Boukra Taaban /Shaabi) Tarek Al Araby 3:38
05. Harratini (Balady) Ahmad Gebaly 5:26 
06. Hadiyya (Modern Routine) Gizira Band 6:40
07. Zawwarin (Drum Solo) Gamal Goma 3:50
08. Afrah in the Club (Remix) Roger Abboud 4:02
09. Al Manafsaj (Classic Routine) Mohamed Ali 5:14
10. Desert Eclipse (Remix) Charlie Abboud 4:10
11. Mystic Veil (Fusion) Mosavo 4:28
12. Sawwah (Remix) Roger Abboud 4:31

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